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Our company is specialised in certified legal translation

CABINET BONNEFOUS is translation company specialized in the legal and financial sector.

Patrice BONNEFOUS has himself been an honorary expert translator for more than 30 years, and collaborates with all legal professions in providing certified translations of a quality which is unanimously recognised.

We have competencies in all kinds of legal documents: writs of summons, judgements, statements, contracts, civil status acts, articles of association, balance sheets, annual reports, etc…

Our legal translations are entrusted to experts in the field of law or finance, who often combine their competence as translators with solid professional experience in the legal field (former lawyers, heads of legal services, bankers, etc.). We therefore place this expertise at your disposal, which allows us to provide you with legal translations of high quality and high terminological precision.

All of our legal translations are carried out by translators translating into their native language, and are proof-read by a second specialist.

Respect for professional secrets being the cornerstone of our job, all of our translators are of course subject to this, and on request we can sign a confidentiality agreement.

CABINET BONNEFOUS, a company specialising in legal and financial translation, has kept to a very vigorous quality policy for almost 30 years which has permitted us to gain faithful clients and to provide legal translations of high quality, basing our policy on:


All of our multilingual legal and financial translations are carried out by professionals in legal translation who translate solely into their native language (see also our Quality Charter). A good translation must respect the exactitude of all legal terms, but at the same time must also read like a text composed directly in the language translated into.

The method of selection of our translators is the very foundation of the reliability of our legal and financial translations. No-one becomes a translator just by wanting to be one! We therefore only work with professionals who only are only added to our database once they have undergone an entrance examination, and regular monitoring of their work allows us to offer you reliable translations.


Our clients are demanding, and so are we with our translators.

Law cannot be invented, and so our legal and financial translations are based on in-depth knowledge of law, of international legal systems, of the subtleties of vocabulary in different countries, etc.

CABINET BONNEFOUS is your partner for precise multilingual legal translation.

In order to guarantee the quality of our translations, we guarantee rigorous monitoring of quality. All of our legal translations are proof-read by a team of technical proof-readers employed by us, and your document is scrupulously checked before being delivered to you.


CABINET BONNEFOUS meets all of your deadlines.

Our international network of translators allows us to juggle with the time difference, in order to gain precious hours to deliver your documents in record time, even impossible times, so that you can have your translations by the time requested. When every minute counts, count on the professionals!

By our quality charter, we commit to send you quotes for translations within an hour of the document being received by our sales service.

We also compose translation memories, allowing time to be saved and allowing us to retrieve your translations in a very short space of time.

Don’t hesitate any longer, do the same as a great number of your colleagues, choose quality, speed, and reliability for all of your legal translations: choose CABINET BONNEFOUS!